European Standard 6mm,8mm,10mm Slot Drop in Hammer Nut
European Standard 6mm,8mm,10mm Slot Drop in Hammer Nut

European Standard 6mm,8mm,10mm Slot Drop in Hammer Nut

Hammer nut can securely fix other connecting parts on the profile slot. During assembly, it can be automatically positioned and automatically locked.
Due to the Easy installation and short installation time,hammer nuts widely used for building industrial aluminum frame structures, 3D printers, CNC routers, CNC laser cutters, robotics projects.

Product Details

Material:carbon steel

Surface treatment:Zinc/Nickel-Plated(the material is carbon steel)




Thread size:M3,M4,M5,M6,M8

Application:Aluminum profile

Application Scenarios

As shown in the figure,because of the special shape of the hammer nut,the hammer nut will automatically lock after rotating 90 degrees during installation.In addition, hammer nut can be inserted into any position.It is very convenient to installation and save much times

the installation of the hammer nut


Port:As requirments

Delivery Details : within 1-20 days , depends on your qty.(Generally speaking,we have hammer nut of each sizes in stock.But if you purchased more,we will tell you the delivery time by email after receiving your purchase order.The delivery time is less than 20 work days)

Packing Details : bag(500/1000/2000PCS)+carton(4000/10000/20000PCS)+pallet.

The cartons weight:15~29kg

The cartons size:29cm*22cm*15cm

Carton label: None or as required

Payment: VISA / online bank payment / T&T / Alibaba payment

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Shipping Details

By sea or by air,expresss(fedex,DHL,TNT,UPS)


European Standard Hammer Nut

Non Standard Hammer Nut

For customized hammer nut

If you want to customize hammer nuts, please send us drawings or samples, we are very glad to provide customized services to our partners.

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