4545 series black zinc alloy hinge
4545 series black zinc alloy hinge

4545 series black zinc alloy hinge

The zinc alloy hinge on this page is black, which is used for 4545 series aluminum profiles. Countersunk screw and slider nut need to be matched separately
Zinc hinge is used to connect two aluminum profiles or connect aluminum profiles and plates. Countersunk screws and sliding nuts are usually used for fixing.

Product Details

Material:Zinc alloy

Surface treatment:non



Application:Aluminum profile

Application Scenarios


Port:As requirments

Delivery Details : within 1-20 days , depends on your qty.

Packing Details : bag(100/200PCS)+carton(1000)+pallet.

Carton label: None or as required

Payment: VISA / online bank payment / T&T / Alibaba payment

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Shipping Details

By sea or by air,expresss(fedex,DHL,TNT,UPS)


the size of zinc alloy hinge

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